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Customer survey tool to measure customer satisfaction

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Responsr contains readymade customer dialogs, reports and templates for your industry. Set up your profile and start saving customers right away!


How it works

Responsr automatically sends out mini-surveys (2-3 questions) at a frequency that suits you and your customers. You get feedback and can act if you need to through the services included. 

Deliver the best customer experience

Responsr gives you a customer care system for the entire company and you can compare your results to the rest of your industry.

An intelligent feedback system that previously only enterprise companies could afford ... until now.

Listen to succeed!

Make sure you have access to customer voice in all operational work.

Get started right away with ready-made dialogues, reports and processes to use feedback as the driving force to get the best customer experience. 

Get customer feedback with a customer survey tool

How do your customers talk about you?

Your most satisfied customers will spread your good work. The customers who are not as satisfied will talk to their loved ones about their experience. All companies have both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. With Responsr, you find out who and the tool you need to act before it's too late.

With feedback, you minimize the risk of losing customers!   

How to measure customer loyalty with NPS

Responsr builds on a proven methodolgy and is designed to be simple and smart.

Responsr uses NPS© (Net Promoter Score). With the simple question: "How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?"

Customers are grouped based on satisfaction and loyalty. You can act rightaway if someone is in the red.

NPS is proven to work and is in use by all major companies, including Apple, Disney and Amazon. But it works best for companies with a high level of service that are dependent of their reputation.

We've made it easy!

Two simple steps - then you are up and running!

Simply act on customer feedback


Created by feedback professionals

Responsr is developed by a team with over 20 years of experience in customer surveys. We have a unique competence through work with survey solutions for large international companies, and are passionate about giving several industries the opportunity to work with feedback. The most important process to master to achieve success.   


749 EURO Monthly
  • Full functionality
  • Integration to booking system
  • Integration into financial systems
  • AI functionality
  • Pulse measurements and feedback from customers

Common Challenges as told by Our Customers

“The annual employee survey is just a snapshot of a particular point in time - we need ongoing measurement”

“It’s really difficult to get the improvement work going after an annual survey, as a manager I need system support or HR assistance”

"Those of us who are working for HR don't have time to check up on action plans connected to the employee survey. Sometimes we haven't had time to do them at all"

“As a team leader I’d like to send my own pulse surveys and check up on team development"

"The Management demands that the HR Deparment turns opinions into behavioural changes, which can then be viewed as measurable business goals"


“My employees find e-mail surveys boring, I want to show them something new”

"Old-fashioned employee surveys create a victim mentality, like it's always somebody else's fault"

Hanna is the manager and her team consists of 18 employees.

Current status - Today, Hanna has an efficient and positive team with an eNPS number above average.

That has not always been the case. Before Hanna started Flourish chatbot, the team had different problems and the biggest challenge was stress. She therefore chose a stress solution that is included in the package Working environment.

Already the same week, she began to receive anonymous and creative feedback from the employees. The communication took place with the Flourish chat-bot in channels where the employees were present, for example Microsoft Teams, Slack and Facebook Messenger.

Flourish gave feedback with concrete advice on actions and helped Hanna involve the employees in the improvement work so that everyone in the team felt involved.

Flourish can also measure ongoing key figures (e.g. eNPS) and completed actions so the team can see that something is happening.

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