NPS® for Fortnox

Better customer relations

Loyal customers are the foundation of all successful marketing. Your most loyal customers will recommend you to others and the trust of a recommendation is stronger than any marketing you can buy. 

Customer feedback will give you insights into your strengths and weaknesses. What are they already saying about you?

If you use Fortnox, you can find out and work proactively with your brand through the customer experience fully automated.

Responsr uses NPS® methodology, which is the leading methodology in customer satisfaction.

Automatically with Fortnox

Feedback inbox to respond to customer feedback

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You will get insights from the guests checking out of your hotel as early as tomorrow.

More reviews

Get Google to rank your website higher by collecting customer reviews that show customers can trust you.

Through Responsr, you can also solve problems early by contacting customers who are not satisfied. 

Loyal customers

Your loyal customers are your best marketing channel. Ask them to spread the word on Google and to their friends. 

Increase team morale by letting them hear how good you are directly from your customers. 

Responsr works together with Teams and Slack