Genuine customer reviews

Responsr only shows customer reviews from verified customers.

The reviews are collected from customer data in the company's booking system, support system and customer databases.

The companies use Responsr primarily to improve their operations and correct if problems arise.
It is therefore important that only verified customers are asked to review their experience.
The reviews are therefore not diluted by reviews from bots, staff or from competitors.

Showing the reviews externally in a transparent way also gives the company's customers and potential customers insight into the experience of others. Responsr is only used by companies that really want to improve their customer experience.

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Common Challenges as told by Our Customers

“The annual employee survey is just a snapshot of a particular point in time - we need ongoing measurement”

“It’s really difficult to get the improvement work going after an annual survey, as a manager I need system support or HR assistance”

"Those of us who are working for HR don't have time to check up on action plans connected to the employee survey. Sometimes we haven't had time to do them at all"

“As a team leader I’d like to send my own pulse surveys and check up on team development"

"The Management demands that the HR Deparment turns opinions into behavioural changes, which can then be viewed as measurable business goals"


“My employees find e-mail surveys boring, I want to show them something new”

"Old-fashioned employee surveys create a victim mentality, like it's always somebody else's fault"

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